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The L.A. Rams are officially the first NFL team to officially sponsor a gay pride event.

The team is working with Venice Pride, which is the organization behind the huge Venice Pride block party. The Rams will sponsor the blue lights in the letter “C” in the famous VENICE sign.

Every letter of the word will be lit up a different color to imitate the rainbow LGBTQ pride flag.

A spokesperson for the Rams said that team is proud to “stand in alignment with the LGBT community that is such an important part of the fabric of Los Angeles.”

“Inclusion has always been a valued part of our organization and we see this as a unique way to publicly celebrate the diversity that makes this community so special.”

Remember, it was the Rams who made history in 2014 by drafting Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to ever be in the draft.

The event begins on June 2.

— Michael Sam: I experienced more racism in gay community than homophobia in black community —